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Tread the Boards?  I'd Rather Dance on Pixels!

Heyup, I'm Adam Robinson, a Voice Over Artist based in Swansea, Wales.

I record and produce high quality recordings from my home studio, The Fungeon Voice Lab.

When I started out on my voice over adventure I identified the 3 core values that I wanted to be known for. I want to be known for being Reliable, Professional and Fun. That's why they are splashed around on all my marketing material and written inside my booth so I always keep those words in mind.

But what do they mean to me, and what should they mean for you?


I understand that it can be intimidating and a risk to bring in outside help from a voice over artist when your project has deadlines that must be met, and when you bring me in to that project you are putting a lot of trust in me to deliver on time and to the highest standard.

I am very proud of the fact that as of yet I'm yet to miss a deadline and often deliver in advance to allow for any changes that may be required. Feedback from my clients is that the recordings I provide are consistently delivered on time and of the high quality that they have come to expect from my service.


This leans on Reliability somewhat in that it means following through with what we agree on but it also means things like turning up on time to readings, live recording sessions and such and making timings work even with clients in different time zones.

Establishing clear honest lines of communication to keep each other updated on progress and completion times is another part of my service that I find very important.


I want you to enjoy working with me, that's the glue that holds everything else together. I will most likely be just as exited by your project as you are. I want you to be looking at it thinking oh boy I cant wait to tell Adam about this. It makes the reliability and professionalism part of my values work so much easer.

Lets be honest I'm here doing Voice Over work because I love it. It fills me with absolute joy to jump in the booth and perform, and I want to draw you in to that excitement so you enjoy the process too.

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